One of the issues I have is following up and doing exercises that we discussed.

So far I think it was the following:

1. focusing on where the tension is and watching it move down/away
2. realizing/accepting that doing 1 above is not important for me
3. doing written exercise with all criticisms I tell myself
4. imagining being the guy who is nice and relaxed in restaurant

I have not done #3 in 10 days and even though #4 is pretty helpful I barely do it.
So one of the issues is how do I get myself to do these exercises more?
It’s been 2 weeks since the last session and only right now I’m rereading the notes i made 2 weeks ago.

Another is going back to above about anxiety. My last day on vacation i was having one anxiety after another just thinking about coming back and having to deal with all the stuff i had left behind.

afraid of what happens next
if I get better then what?
I don’t have to move out or get married if I am not functioning well
I wouldn’t have an excuse or something external to blame
my own decision to move out or get married  – or not
if you had to make your own decision?
fear of extra responsibilities and commitment
up to me is scary
good + bad and do it all over tomorrow